Social Media Guidelines


The Indiana Health Information Management Association (IHIMA) uses social media to communicate, connect, collaborate and engage with its members, prospective members, and the public as HI professionals to share information about our association, programs and services, and our work. Individuals are encouraged to connect with IHIMA’s community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

IHIMA’s guidelines for social media continually evolve as the association’s need for, uses of and experience with social media evolve, and as social media itself evolves.

Code of Conduct

IHIMA welcomes all viewpoints and encourages relevant discussions on our social media sites. When posting on IHIMA’s social media sites, it is requested that individuals be respectful of all users and be professional in their postings.


These policy and procedures apply to all social media sites, pages, accounts, and groups set up using IHIMA’s name or acronym in the title including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube postings. This guideline will also apply to any future social media sites, accounts, and postings created using the IHIMA name.


  • The Communications Chair and any additional IHIMA members approved by the Communications Chair comprise the social media monitoring team and will assume primary responsibility for posting items. They will have access as administrators and/or content creators and will also have final approval over content to be posted.
  • The sites will be used to promote webinars, events, legislative issues, and news generated from the IHIMA and HI community in order to best serve the membership at a minimum of one posting per week.
  • Content will be comprised of relevant material to the HIM field including articles, surveys, videos, and news events.
  • All sites, pages, accounts, and groups set up under IHIMA’s name or acronym will be monitored by the social media monitoring team or designee.


All IHIMA social media sites:

  • All posting requests from outside sources must be made to the Communications Chair.
  • The Communications Chair will pass along any questionable items to the President and President-Elect for final confirmation.
  • The social media monitoring team must approve the opening of all accounts under IHIMA’s name.
  • Social media sites will be open to public comment/postings. Postings or comments may be deleted and/or disabled at the discretion of the social media monitoring team.
  • The term “posts” in this policy pertains to any written, photos, or images of any kind.
  • On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube IHIMA’s administrators will post IHIMA sponsored events (including Regional Association events) and national/state/local conferences of related organizations – at the discretion of the social media monitoring team.
  • Jobs can be posted on IHIMA’s Job Board for a fee. This fee will include postings on the IHIMA website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Access. Job postings posted by other members will be deleted.

(Posted: November 2022)